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                    (December, 1994)
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"Sequence stratigraphy and creation geology." by Carl Froede,
Jr., B.S., P.G. pp. 138-147.  
[[ Sequence stratigraphy is the reconstruction and dating of 
sedimentary basins found locally, regionally, and worldwide. 
Creation scientists can use many of the concepts of sequence 
stratigraphy within the context of the Flood model. However, the 
use of time intervals is uniformitarian, incorporating 
evolutionary concepts, and is not acceptable. ]] 
"Incompleteness, creation-science, and man-made machines." by
Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D. pp. 148-152.  
[[ Mathematical arguments are presented showing that certain 
human mental processes cannot be duplicated by machines; the 
uniqueness of human thought is attributable to God himself. ]] 
"Age of the Arizona Meteor Crater." by Don B. DeYoung, Ph.D. pp.
[[ The Arizona Meteor Crater is the best preserved and also the 
most studied impact event on the earth. For many years there was 
lively debate over the origin mechanism, whether volcanic or 
impact. Other still-lingering questions concern the location and 
size of the actual meteorite, assuming an impact origin, and the 
time of the event. Date-of-origin evidence includes 
dendrochronology, rock erosion, radioactivity, and 
thermoluminescence. Published results have varied drastically 
between 800-2,000 years ago for the time of the crater's 
formation. This study critiques the various chronology estimates, 
illustrating the inherent uncertainty of dating techniques. ]] 
"Those who live in glass houses stow no thrones." by Mark
Armitage. pp. 167-170.  
[[ Evolution is held to be a purely random mechanism which 
operates by chance. The possibility of an intelligent designer is 
anathema to scientists who hold to the theory of evolution. To 
many, the presence of apparent design within the structure of 
biological organisms is purely coincidental, and may even be 
attribute to the organizational properties of matter itself. The 
presence of three dimensionally symmetrical geometrical shapes 
such as squares and triangles is demonstrated, implying that an 
intelligent designer was behind the manufacture of biological 
diversity. ]] 
"The creation account -- the evidence from what is not there." by
Jerry Bergman, Ph.D., pp. 174-181.  
[[ A review of the scientific beliefs relative to origins 
demonstrates a considerable contrast between the ancient 
cosmological theories and the Genesis record. This contrast 
reveals that Genesis managed to avoid all the erroneous ideas 
held by the most respected thinkers and philosophers of the pre-
Christian era. With the advantage of accumulated data and wisdom, 
we are far better able to evaluate the simple straightforward 
account in Genesis. The author discusses implications of the 
contrast between Genesis and the ancient cosmological beliefs 
which we now see as totally erroneous. ]] 
= Much thinner Laurentide Ice during the ice age (Michael J. 
= A post-Flood (early ice age?) paleoenvironment in Mississippi 
(Carl R. Froede, Jr.)
= The Professor Dean Kenyon Case (Jerry Bergman)
= Karst development in the Clayton formation, Fort Gaines, GA 
(Carl R. Froede, Jr.)
= Luther on truth vs. evolutionism (Carl Hoffmeyer)
= Ham radio creationism (Howard Dunlap)
= Iridium in the geologic column (Carl R. Froede, Jr.)
= The hip bones of dinosaurs and birds (Bolton Davidheiser)
= Implications of an African word for "Creator" (R.L. Byler)
= The Role of research in the creationist movement -- Van Andel 
Research Center Director's column (John R. Meyer)
= Minutes of 1994 CRS Directors Meeting
= Keyword index to Volume 30.
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