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   *Creation Research Society Quarterly*, Volume 32, Number 4
                          (March, 1996)
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"Nineteenth Century Darwinism and the Tasmanian Genocide." by Jerry 
Bergman, Ph.D., pp. 190-196.
[[ It was widely believed in the nineteenth century that the 
Tasmanians were a living link between modern humans and their primate 
ancestors.  Given the presupposition of naturalistic evolution, the 
Tasmanian people were often seen as less than human and, consequently, 
many people felt it was not wrong or immoral to treat them like 
animals.  Today it is concluded that htey were a distinct racial group 
similar to the Australian Aborigines that possessed a unique culture 
and were fully human.  This event is only one of many examples of the 
numerous tragedies that evolutionary naturalism has produced in modern 
times. ]]
"Dougherty Gap: Evidence for a Turbidity Current Paleoenvironment" by 
Carl R. Froede, Jr., B.S., P.G., and Jack H. Cowart, M.S., P.G., pp. 
[[ A trace fossil exposure located at Dougherty Gap, Walker County, 
Georgia, provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate existing 
physical information, and compare a uniformitarian interpretation and 
a young-earth Flood interpretation for that site. This examination 
reveals that a turbidity current depositional environment better 
explains the stratigraphic record found at this site than does the 
proposed uniformitarian prograding delta model. Additionally, a 
turbidity current depositional environment fits within both the 
expected depositional environment and the timeframes of the young-
earth Flood model. ]] 
= "A Biblical Christian Framework for Earth History Research: 
Introduction to the Series." by John K. Reed and Carl R. Froede, Jr., 
B.S., P.G., pp. 228-229.
[[ This is an introduction to a series of papers to appear in 
forthcoming issues of the CRSQ.  These papers, written by professional 
geologists, will trace a logical sequence of steps for the development 
of a young-earth approach to earth history studies. ]]
= "Extinction and Evolution." by Carl R. Froede, Jr., B.S., P.G., pp. 
= "Extinction of Mammoths and Mastodons." by Ryan Rucker, pp. 219-220.
= "Running: The Human Foot Uses Automatic Transmission." by David A. 
Kaufmann, Ph.D., pp. 220-221.
= "Wood Rats, Plant Fossils, Plovers, and the Origin of Creosote Bush 
Deserts." by George F. Howe, Ph.D., pp. 221-224.
= "CRSQ Volume 23: A Look Back." by Emmett L. Williams, Ph.D., pp. 224-
= "Editors' Comments." by Eugene F. Chaffin, Ph.D., and George F. 
Howe, Ph.D., p. 189.
= "Dedication to John Klotz." by Don B. DeYoung, Ph.D., p. 189.
= "Copy'n'Share: The History of Life." by Lane P. Lester, Ph.D. after 
p. 214.
= "Lab Director's Report: Taking Stock." by John R. Meyer, Ph.D., p. 
= "Assessment of World Views: Creation, Progressive Creation, and 
Theistic Evolution." by Walt Sivertsen, p. 196.
= "Response to Reed, Bennett, Froede, and Oard." by Steven A. Austin, 
John R. Baumgardner, D. Russell Humphreys, Andrew Snelling, Larry 
Vardiman, and Kurt Wise, p. 197.
= "Landslide Blocks Virgin River at Zion National Park -- 
Consequences." by Emmett L. Williams, p. 197.
= "Heat Output from Volcanoes -- An Answer to Yake." by Phil Hoff, p. 
= "The Karroo and Other Fossil Graveyards: A Further Reply to Mr. 
Yake." by Carl R. Froede, Jr., p. 199.
= "Are There 800 Billion Vertebrate Fossils Buried in the Karoo? (A 
Response to Bill Yake)." by Gordon E. Davidson, p. 201.
= "Why Sediments Are on Continents: An Answer to Mr. Yake." by Carl R. 
Froede, Jr., p. 229.
= "How Did the Green River Varves Form in a Global Flood?" by Bill 
Yake, p. 230.
= "Varves and the Flood: A Reply to Mr. Yake."  John Woodmorappe, p. 
= "Comments on 'Polar Dinosaurs and the Genesis Flood' (by M. J. Oard, 
1995, CRSQ 32:47-57>." by Carl R. Froede, Jr., p. 231.
= "Comment on 'Polar Dinosaurs and the Genesis Flood'." by Paul 
Garner, Steven Robinson, Michael Garton, and David Tyler, p. 232.
= "Late Cretaceous Epeiric Sea or Floodwater? (A Reply to Garner, 
Robinson, Garton, and Tyler)." by Carl R. Froede, p. 234.
= "Polar Dinosaurs: A Response to Garner, Robinson, Garton, and 
Tyler." by Michael J. Oard, p. 237.
= Teaching Creation Science in Public Schools, by Duane T. Gish. 1995. 
(Eugene F. Chaffin), p. 215.
= I Studied Inscriptions from before the Flood, by R.S. Hess and D.T. 
Tsumura. 1994. (Don B. DeYoung), p. 227.
= Genetic Engineering: Dreams and Nightmares, by E. Russo and D. Cove. 
1995. (Eugene F. Chaffin), p. 227.
= The Soul of Science: Christian Faith and Natural Philosophy, by N.R. 
Pearcey and C.B. Thaxton. (John Kaplan), p. 239.
= Darwinism: Science or Philosophy? ed. by J. Buell and V. Hearn. 
1992. (Jerry Bergman), p. 240.
= Noah to Abram: The Turbulent Years, by E.A. von Fange. 1994. (Carl 
R. Froede, Jr.), p. 242.
= The Floods That Carved the West, by M. Parfit. 1995. _Smithsonian_ 
26(1):48-58. (Robert E. Gentet), p. 242.
= Cadborosaurus -- Survivor from the Deep, by P.H. LeBlond and E.H. 
Blousfield. 1995. (Bruce Scoggin), p. 243.
= Genetic Engineering: Dreams and Nightmares (Eugene F. Chaffin), p. 
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