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New Illustrated Bible Dictionary (in Spanish)

A Dictionary commited to the Divine inerrancy of the Bible

Nuevo Diccionario Biblico Ilustrado

Un diccionario comprometido con la inerrancia divina de la Biblia

by Samuel Vila and Santiago Escuain

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As one of the two co-editors (Santiago Escuain, the other one being Samuel Vila, now deceased) I want to point out that the deep motive in the recopilation / write-up of the articles was to help Christians and interested people in general to have a general background about Bible times, places, facts, concepts, persons, animals and things, while documenting the full trustworthiness of the Biblical history as broadly and deeply as possible in a work of this nature and size.

It is, to my knowledge, the only general Bible Dictionary to present the issue of the Revised Chronology versus the Conventional Chronology of the Eastern Mediterranean Lands to the attention of the public at large. It also deals head-on with issues long controverted, from the times of the heathen polemist Porphyry, and including the modernistic speculations that would deny Moses the human authorship of Genesis to Deuteronomy, and Daniel's traditional dating, amongst other issues.

It gives a synopsis of each Bible book and a critical assesment of the evidence for its authorship and date. Its treatment of Qumran, Ebla, Nuzu, Ugarit and other archaeological sites of deep interest is quite extensive for a work of this size, and give the reflections of this author based on extensive reading through many years including the latest literature in the subject at the year of its final edition (1985).

It explores its major doctrines, as the Unity of the Godhead and its revelation in a Triune personal Being. Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah, the Christ. The Person of the Spirit. The Church, its nature, calling, mission and hope. Israel, the land, the people, its history, its present and future. The Empires of the Gentiles. Biographies, like Abraham's, Paul's, etc. And much more. In all this it was my aim, our aim, to give the reader a very compact yet extensive and broad-ranged help on Biblical topics in the Spanish language and help the reader to penetrate in the Biblical environments from the most ancient times to the apostolic milieu and to the hopes of the Church of God and the future of Israel and the Nations in the coming Kingdom of God.

Santiago Escuain

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