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Christian Proposal

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Updated March 31, 2001

Page icon  A Christian Proposal, by Santiago Escuain   15-XI-98

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Twelve Bible Dialogues, by H. P. Barker    6-III-2005

How to Get Peace with God, by J. N. Darby   31-III-2004

Item  Pilgrim Portions
, by J. N. Darby   12-II-2005

The Molecular Machines Museum:
Clear evidence for Intelligent Design of the Structures of Life:

The amazing complexity of cellular structures is exemplified in the rotary electrical motor present in different organisms, as in Escherichia coli. Here we have a spectacular example of irreducible complexity, amongst a multitude of others, which leads to the inescapable inference of an Intelligent design behind all of creation.

 Creation Research Society Materials

 Introducing ICR — Institute for Creation Research


 Free Books Online on the Creation/Evolution Controversy - from

Several Creation Science books!  Now available to read and study.  Some of these quality titles are completely FREE for you to download and copy for any educational purpose.

 Creation Social Science and Humanities Quarterly Journal

Over 300 articles - Research on all facets of Creation theory's impact in the social sciences: history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, linguistics, etc.  Also many articles on scientific subjects and thought provoking editorials!

  Bio-Ethics: Jerome Lejeune's Expert Testimony in the case of the frozen embryos    31-III-2001

In February 1989, a very unusual case was argued before Judge W. Dale Young in Blount County, Tennessee. In that case, Junior L. Davis filed suit against his ex-wife, now Mary Sue Davis Stowe, over the custody of seven cryogenically frozen embryos that the two of them had created at a fertility clinic prior to their divorce. In his suit, Davis asked the court to 1) give Davis and Stowe joint custody of their embryos; or 2) prohibit Stowe or anyone else from using the embryos for implantation until he could decide about their disposition; or 3) if nothing else, consider Stowe the only suitable party for implantation. After hearing almost three days of testimony, Judge Young ruled last September that Stowe be given temporary custody of the embryos for the purpose of bringing them to term through implantation. One of the expert witnesses testifying in this remarkable case was Dr. Jerome Lejeune, a world-renowned expert in human genetics. In his stunning testimony, Dr. Lejeune brings to light some recent scientific findings that bear directly on the topic of human origins. Although not all of Lejeune's testimony is pertinent to origins, and although a good deal of it strays beyond the borders of science, we believed it would be worthwhile to reproduce his testimony in its entirety. In the first place, reproducing the entire testimony provides important context for understanding Lejeune's scientific remarks. Second, we believe that it underscores the profound relevance of science for many issues that confront us in the late twentieth century--issues that touch on important ethical and metaphysical considerations.

 Christian Reflections

 Bible study

Christian Books

Title: Dictionary of Premillennial Theology
Editor: Mal Couch
Publishing House: Kregel Publications - Grand Rapids
Year of Publication: 1999
ISBN: 0-8254-1361-3
465 pp + indexes

About the Editor: Mal Couch is founder and President of the Theological Seminary and Biblical Institute in Fort Worth, Texas. He has been Professor at the Biblical University of Philadelphia, at Moody Bible Institute and at the Dallas Theological Seminary.

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