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A Report on the Progressive Creationist
Book by Hugh Ross

by Mark Van Bebber and Paul S. Taylor
(120 pages + Bibliography and Indexes).

available at
Eden Productions
2628 West Birchwood Circle
MESA - AZ 85202
1-800-332 2261 (USA/CANADA)

An appraisal of CREATION AND TIME: A Report on the Progressive Creationist Book by Hugh Ross, by Mark Van Bebber and Paul S. Taylor

By D. James Kennedy, D.D., D. Sac. Lit. Ph. D., Litt. D. D. Sac. Theol., D. Humane Let. Chancellor, Knox Theological Seminary; Senior Minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church; President, Evangelism Explosion International

"FROM THE BIBLE, authors Van Bebber and Taylor bring to the reader a revealing critique of Progressive Creationism's most visible proponent, Dr. Hugh Ross. Not only does Ross claim that the biblical Flood was local, not global, but he also teaches that death and bloodshed existed for billions of years prior to Adam and Eve's sin. Dr. Ross contends that the simplest reading of Genesis reveals overlapping Creation "days" of billions of years beginning with the "Big Bang". He charges that those Christians who believe otherwise are out of touch with reality and are making it nearly impossible for modern people to accept the Bible and Christ. Van Bebber and Taylor bring careful and accurate biblical study to bear on each of these claims (and many more), revealing numerous errors in theology and misuse of Hebrew. In an increasingly securarized society where the Bible is being reinterpreted at point after point, many will find this to be a significant and helpful book.

"A Bold and courageous attempt to attack the roots of Progressive Creationism ... with its misguided theology and secular science. This report has taken claim after claim and refuted it on sound theological grounds. We must view our origins first in the light of the Scriptures because man can so easily distort reality."

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