Twelve Bible Dialogues 



A Review of Twelve Basic Bible Doctrines



Harold P. Barker, with O. Lambert, C. A. Miller, P. Brown,
S. W. Royes, W. E. Powell, E. D. Kinkead, E. C Mais,



The "Bible Dialogues" contained in this little volume were held during a course of special gospel meetings in a large marquee pitched in the city of Kingston, Jamaica. Hundreds heard them, and many were the testimonies to the help and blessing received.

They aim at presenting, in the simplest possible manner, for the help of converts and young Christians, some of the fundamental truths of our holy religion. They are sent forth with the prayerful hope that God may graciously use them for the confirmation and establishment of the lambs of Christ's flock.

Harold P. Barker

Twelve Bible Dialogues -

Harold P. Barker et al.
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