Pilgrim Portions


Selected from the Writings, Hymns, Letters, etc., of J. N. Darby  



“Those He calls His own

—pilgrims in scenes where He has been.”



Selected by H. G.

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3—The Word of God

4—The Holy Spirit

5—The Perfections of Christ









14—Unbelieving fears

15—Separation from the world



18—Cross Bearing

19—Looking unto Jesus


21—The presence of God


23—Divine Affections (1)

24—Divine affections (2)


26—Songs of the night

27—The Man of sorrows


29—The all-sufficiency of Christ

30—Divine energy

31—Help from the sanctuary


33—The faithfulness of God



36—Nearness to God

37—Backsliding and restoration

38—The Light of eternity

39—Our needs and
       His fulness


41—The divine heart

42—Practical santification


44—Cheer for pilgrims

45—The will of God


47—The courts above

48—Christ is all

49—Walking with God


51—The heavently light

52—Our hope



“I will guide thee with

mine eye.”

                    Psalm 32:8

Rise my soul! Thy God directs thee;

    Stranger hands no more impede:

Pass thou on, His hands protect thee­—

    Strength that has the captive freed.


Light divine surrounds thy going;

    God Himself shall mark thy way:

Secret blessings, richly flowing,

    Lead to everlasting day.

The steps of a good man are ordered by Jehovah. This is a vast and precious blessing. … A young Christian may, in confiding zeal, not see so much the value of this … but when one has seen the world, what a pathless wilderness it is; it is beyond all price that the Lord directs our steps.


* / * | * \ *

If we look to Him all is simple; we see our way clearly, and we have motives that do not leave the soul a prey to uncertainty. It is the double-minded man who is unstable in all his ways.


* / * | * \ *

It is an amazing comfort for my soul to think that there is not a single thing all through my life in which God as my Father has not a positive will about to direct me … that I do not take a step but what His love has provided for.

The Lord guide you … it is ever good to wait on Him, and not be in a hurry, or let our own will work. “I waited patiently for the Lord” is a word of Christ’s Himself, and He cares for us and directs in everything.


* / * | * \ *

I have no doubt that if we kept close to Christ, His Spirit would guide us in our intercourse with others. We are not always conscious of divine guidance even when it is there; but the word comes from Christ to the souls we have to say to, even if rejected. … But our part is to keep close to Christ, so that it should be “not I, but Christ liveth in me,” and thus He acts in our thoughts and ways without our, at the moment, thinking of Him directly; but we always have the consciousness of speaking for Him, and of His presence.


* / * | * \ *

The Spirit and the word cannot be separated without falling into fanaticism on the one hand, or into rationalism on the other—without putting oneself outside the place of dependence upon God and of His guidance.


* / * | * \ *

The sheep know the voice of Christ, and if they have not got His voice they stop until they have. There is one voice they know. There are plenty of other voices, but they do not know them. Sheep are silly, stupid creatures; but they know the shepherd’s voice—that one voice. The moment Christ’s voice has reached me, it is enough; and this gives a peace and quietness in one’s path that nothing else does. It is not great wisdom or great strength that gives this, but it is hearing the Shepherd’s voice and knowing it. If not the shepherd’s voice, it is dreaded. “A stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him.” The Shepherd does not frighten. He gives strength and confidence; and His voice having once reached the heart, nothing else is needed.


* / * | * \ *

And, Saviour! ‘tis Thee from on high

    I await, till the time Thou shalt come

To take him Thou hast led by Thine eye

    To Thyself, in Thy heavenly home.

Pilgrim Portions - Meditations for the Day of Rest -

Selected from the Writings, Hymns, Letters, etc., of J. N. Darby
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