Pilgrim Portions


Selected from the Writings, Hymns, Letters, etc., of J. N. Darby  



“Those He calls His own

—pilgrims in scenes where He has been.”



Selected by H. G.

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3—The Word of God

4—The Holy Spirit

5—The Perfections of Christ









14—Unbelieving fears

15—Separation from the world



18—Cross Bearing

19—Looking unto Jesus


21—The presence of God


23—Divine Affections (1)

24—Divine affections (2)


26—Songs of the night

27—The Man of sorrows


29—The all-sufficiency of Christ

30—Divine energy

31—Help from the sanctuary


33—The faithfulness of God



36—Nearness to God

37—Backsliding and restoration

38—The Light of eternity

39—Our needs and
       His fulness


41—The divine heart

42—Practical santification


44—Cheer for pilgrims

45—The will of God


47—The courts above

48—Christ is all

49—Walking with God


51—The heavently light

52—Our hope



Whom the Lord loveth he


                    Hebrews 12:6

There is rest in the midst of grief,

    For grief’s been the proof of love;

‘Tis sweet in that love to find relief,

    When the sorrows of earth we prove.

Christ never makes a breach except to come in and connect the soul and heart more with Himself; and it is worth all the sorrow that ever was, and more, to learn the least atom more of His love and of Himself, and there is nothing like that, nothing like Him: and it lasts.


* / * | * \ *

Everybody is not passing smoothly through this life, though some may be more so than others. … But, after all, it is only “for a season” and if “need be.” Do not make yourself uneasy: the one who holds the reins of the need be is God. He does not take pleasure in afflicting. If there is the need for it we go through the trial, but it is only for a moment.


* / * | * \ *

We find the greatest difficulty often in bringing our sorrow to God. How can I do so, the soul of some may be saying, as my sorrow is the fruit of my sin? … Can I, in the integrity of my heart towards God, take my sorrows to Him, knowing I deserve them? Yes; Christ has been to God about them. This, then, is the ground upon which I can go … God can afford to meet me in all my sorrow, because Christ’s work has been so perfectly done. In the main all sorrow is from sin, and all help is grounded upon the atonement.


* / * | * \ *

There is no position a saint can be in but that he may go to God for help.


* / * | * \ *

I have been very happy during my illness; it has made me feel much more than ever that heaven and the bosom of God is my home, seeing that I shall be with Him for ever.


* / * | * \ *

Pride and stoical resistance to sorrow will not do. That does not draw the soul to God, but effectually … keeps it from Him. … Sorrow, when it is complete and helpless, gives intimacy with Him who is willing and able to help, and this is now with God.


* / * | * \ *

If we … carried all our … troubles to God, to go fully through all with Him, our hearts would be all free and happy to turn round and care for others.


* / * | * \ *

When the believing soul is under trial the recurrence to God as its source and hope is the natural movement of faith. … Nor is there a sweeter time for the soul that trusts Him than the time of trial.


* / * | * \ *

When we look back to a past life we have more to be thankful for our trials than for anything else.


* / * | * \ *

He comes down into all our circumstances, and for a poor trifle of affliction I get to find (not the thing set aside, but) God Himself taking the place of our sorrow.


* / * | * \ *

The time will come when all our sorrow will be over, but our Friend will remain. He is our tried and true Friend. He has entered into the deepest woes of our heart, and will make us the sharers of His joy for ever.

Pilgrim Portions - Meditations for the Day of Rest -

Selected from the Writings, Hymns, Letters, etc., of J. N. Darby
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