Pilgrim Portions


Selected from the Writings, Hymns, Letters, etc., of J. N. Darby  



“Those He calls His own

—pilgrims in scenes where He has been.”



Selected by H. G.

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3—The Word of God

4—The Holy Spirit

5—The Perfections of Christ









14—Unbelieving fears

15—Separation from the world



18—Cross Bearing

19—Looking unto Jesus


21—The presence of God


23—Divine Affections (1)

24—Divine affections (2)


26—Songs of the night

27—The Man of sorrows


29—The all-sufficiency of Christ

30—Divine energy

31—Help from the sanctuary


33—The faithfulness of God



36—Nearness to God

37—Backsliding and restoration

38—The Light of eternity

39—Our needs and
       His fulness


41—The divine heart

42—Practical santification


44—Cheer for pilgrims

45—The will of God


47—The courts above

48—Christ is all

49—Walking with God


51—The heavently light

52—Our hope



Enoch walked with God,
and he was not.

                    Genesis 5:24

O Holy Father, keep us here

    In that blest name of love;

Walking before Thee without fear,

    Till all be joy above.

Have you ever had a visit from God? I do not mean by dreams or visions; but has God so spoken to your conscience as for you to have known Him and yourself together?


* / * | * \ *

There is nothing in this world like the dignity of a man always walking with God.


* / * | * \ *

Simplicity is a great trait of walking in the presence of God.


* / * | * \ *

It is essential for a soul to be brought into perfect confidence in God Himself, in order to walk with God.


* / * | * \ *

What a difference there is between a man walking before God and one walking before men! What a trouble there is to keep things straight for a man walking before men! While one who is walking before God, though in the presence of men, can leave things quietly to God. The real difference between a mere professor of Christ and a Christian is just this.


* / * | * \ *

Oh! cultivate intimacy with Him; it keeps the conscience alive and the heart happy.


* / * | * \ *

“Blessed are they that dwell in thy house.” … He whose heart is in the house, will prefer the rugged way which leads to it, to the easy way that leads away from it.


* / * | * \ *

Talk with Him. Never be content without being able to walk and talk with Christ as with a dear friend. Be not satisfied with anything short of near intercourse with Him who has loved you with such manner of love!


* / * | * \ *

The characteristic of those who love Him will be obedience. When we get to this close relationship, the sign of love is knowing the wishes of the person you love. Where Christ is precious, there is attentiveness. … Many Christians have not His commandments. … If we had an open ear—wakened morning by morning—we should have His commandments, we should know His mind, and what He wishes. I can find out the wishes of my father if I am thoughtful and attentive. … He that loves Him gets the “secret of the Lord.”


* / * | * \ *

My business is to walk as a Christian, and shew the character of Christ, not to set the world right; … If I could only set myself and other Christians right, that would be the thing.


* / * | * \ *

It is not dangerous, as people often say, to be on the mount; but to have been there. When Paul got out of the third heaven, he wanted the thorn in the flesh. Then there was a danger of his saying, no one but you, Paul, has been there.


* / * | * \ *

We are made epistles of Christ, and the path we are to walk in is to manifest the life of Jesus in our bodies. Everything I do should be the expression of the allegiance of my heart to Christ; and the manifestation of Him to others. The standard of walk is, what is “worthy of the Lord,” not of man.

Pilgrim Portions - Meditations for the Day of Rest -

Selected from the Writings, Hymns, Letters, etc., of J. N. Darby
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