Pilgrim Portions


Selected from the Writings, Hymns, Letters, etc., of J. N. Darby  



“Those He calls His own

—pilgrims in scenes where He has been.”



Selected by H. G.

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3—The Word of God

4—The Holy Spirit

5—The Perfections of Christ









14—Unbelieving fears

15—Separation from the world



18—Cross Bearing

19—Looking unto Jesus


21—The presence of God


23—Divine Affections (1)

24—Divine affections (2)


26—Songs of the night

27—The Man of sorrows


29—The all-sufficiency of Christ

30—Divine energy

31—Help from the sanctuary


33—The faithfulness of God



36—Nearness to God

37—Backsliding and restoration

38—The Light of eternity

39—Our needs and
       His fulness


41—The divine heart

42—Practical santification


44—Cheer for pilgrims

45—The will of God


47—The courts above

48—Christ is all

49—Walking with God


51—The heavently light

52—Our hope



Without me ye can do

                    John 15:5

Oh, keep us, love divine, near Thee,

    That we our nothingness may know

And ever to Thy glory be

    Walking in faith while here below.

When we are really weak God never leaves us; but when unconscious of our infirmities we have to learn them by experience.


* / * | * \ *

The whole thing for us is to get to absolute dependence on infallible faithfulness, on unwearied love to carry us through.


* / * | * \ *

Conscious weakness causes a saint not to dare to move without God.


* / * | * \ *

The place of strength is always that of being forced to lean on God.


* / * | * \ *

The very essence of the condition of a soul in a right state is conscious dependence.


* / * | * \ *

Let us delight in dependence—that a Person above us should minister to us and care for us.


* / * | * \ *

There is an easy way of going on in worldliness, and there is nothing more sad than the quiet comfortable Christian going on day by day apart from dependence on the Lord.


* / * | * \ *

We must always be in dependence or fall.


* / * | * \ *

In every detail of our lives there is no blessing but in dependence on God. … If in speaking to you now I were to cease from depending on the Lord in doing it, all blessing to my own soul would cease. “Without me ye can do nothing.” Neither can I speak, nor you hear, to profit without dependence on the Lord.


* / * | * \ *

The point for us is to rest in the arm of the Lord, whatever may be, and not run to get help elsewhere.


* / * | * \ *

We may be saying true things in prayer or in testimony, but if we are not realising our dependence on the Lord we shall not have His strength in the battle.


* / * | * \ *

When victory does not tend to worship we and God part company as soon as the victory is achieved. How sad to see victory often leading to mere joy instead of still greater dependence on and delight in God.


* / * | * \ *

We cannot make a visit right without His hand.


* / * | * \ *

Remember, if we are in entire dependence, the temptation does not meet us at all. … Trial comes; but, like Jesus, we can say of it, “the cup which my Father hath given me, shall I not drink it?” Every trial becomes a blessed occasion for perfecting obedience, if near God; if otherwise, a temptation.


* / * | * \ *

One cannot do an instant without Him; and oh, how blessed it is to trust Him! I feel all our work ought to be directly the immediate expression of God’s mind, and it is a very solemn thing to work (and wait) directly from Him.


* / * | * \ *

No one can pluck us out of Christ’s hand; but why say this if there was not real danger and keeping of us in it? The wolf “catcheth” (same word as “pluck”) the sheep and scattereth them, but cannot catch them out of Christ’s hand: but here our responsibility comes in, our dependence on Him, our leaving ourselves to His infallible care; and one is as precious as the other is necessary.

Pilgrim Portions - Meditations for the Day of Rest -

Selected from the Writings, Hymns, Letters, etc., of J. N. Darby
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